Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Three Largest Threats to Gun Rights

When you think of the people who want to take your basic American right to shoot cans with an AR and a 100 round C-Mag, the usual culprits are damn liberals, Obama, those Brady idiots, and the crooked ATF that's out to get you. While all of those groups would certainly love it if you melted your collection, took up yoga, and renounced pumpkin and can shooting forever, their tired rhetoric is fairly ineffective these days. The groups I will talk about are far more dangerous than loudmouth lobbyists, as these threats come from inside the firearms world, and are deeply ingrained into it. These people discredit honest gun owners, and do their best to make the gun owning community live up to the stereotypes the gun grabbers love to showcase in their arguments. As a smart, active firearms enthusiast it is your duty to identify and speak out against these people that are mindlessly dragging us down and eroding our rights.

Threat #3 - Obese Carry Advocates

This kind of hypocrisy undermines one of the core values of the right to bear argument, the ability to defend yourself with a firearm. All over the net you will find these behemoths instructing you on how to conceal your .460 S&W under an XXL "Co-ed Naked Bass Fishing Team" T-shirt. These people apparently value their lives so much as to carry a firearm in their low crime Midwestern town, where the chances of being mugged are roughly the same of being attacked by an elephant, yet they ignore heart disease, which kills 40% of people in America? One can't help but question their motives here, especially to a gun grabber that probably despises McDonald's every bit as much as barrel shrouds and Black Talons.

Threat #2 - The Open Carry Movement

I've already gone on too long about this group and their crusade to lose the right to carry, so I'll just do a quick refresher. The worst part of this group as it consists largely of people that also fall into threat #3 and threat #1. The carrying of firearms in suburban Starbucks is on the same level as going into the same Starbucks and shouting racism/obscenities at the top of your lungs in an attempt to retain your 1st Amendment rights. All either can do is annoy people and cause a scene, as you can't gain a right you already have. A right unexercised is a right lost? Go ahead and ask the next OCer you see to explain the 3rd amendment for you, ask him what he is doing to not lose that right, and you will quickly realize they didn't read that far in the Bill of Rights.

Threat #1 - The Uneducated

While these people are a detriment to any cause no matter what side they fall on, they are particularly bad within the firearms community, as they are often the loudest. Most of the bomb throwing extremists fall into this category, and you will often find them labeling anyone who doesn't agree with them a "typical liberal" while reading ridiculously obvious pro-gun propaganda that is every bit as bad as something Michael Moore or the Brady Bunch would come up with. This polarizing of the argument will be the ultimate downfall of gun rights, as it attempts to force the middle to the outside, instead of being a live and let live person that may not be interested in firearms, but wouldn't want to remove that right. Wave a gun in their face at Starbucks or repeatedly tell them they will be killed by a home intruder unless they have a gun and guess which way they are going to sway in the poll booth.

So what can you do as an intelligent, honest gun owner that can see that there is more to the issue than the black and white the extremists want to portray? Don't sit back, tell these idiots within our own community to keep their mouths shut, and show the other side that the majority of the gun owning community are normal, educated people that enjoy guns for sport and recreation, and may choose to use them as protection. The majority of the community aren't 300 pound men wearing cowboy hats and AR-15s to city council meetings, and it's our duty to portray gun owners as the normal, level headed people that we are.


  1. Derp I can haz read?

  2. No, seriously. Good article nigra

  3. As much as I wouldn't OC personally I find it a good means of symbolic speech

  4. These are my thoughts on the matter as well. Sometimes I think much of the rhetoric I encounter in the gun community (internet, gun shops, gun shows, at the ranges) is just them trying to relieve their ennui. The more time I spend away from these venues the better. Too much misinformation and plain old B.S. floating around out there.

    To be sure, I need to be involved and pay attention since as a gun owner and CCW permit holder, what these clowns do affects me.

  5. Friends and neighbors, there is nothing, and I mean nothing so chilling in the workplace as sitting five feet from a guy who talks about shooting people. At the very least, the inability to control one's mouth calls into serious question the ability to control one's urges.

  6. You are so wrong, it's astounding.

    The largest threat to gun rights is the ignorance of the American people.

    The second largest threat is the vast majority of Americans who are willing to take away rights they don't like...especially for groups they don't like.

    The third largest threat is the total disregard for property that has grown in government (and in the people).

    The right to life is the source of all rights—and the right to property is their only implementation. Without property rights, no other rights are possible. Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life. The man who produces while others dispose of his product, is a slave.

    --Ayn Rand

  7. You, hearbreaker, are a retard. Guys like YOU are a bigger threat than a fat man with a gun. And you are judgemental as hell. You think you are better than a certain type because you concealed carry, are in shape, blah blah blah. So I guess the second amendment was written so ONLY guys like you can own firearms? Piss off.

  8. That's right mr. The second amendment is only for people who are ashamed to carry a firearm and hide it, and also only if they are in perfect shape. you'd make the founders proud.

  9. Heartbreaker's ability to bring out the butthurt in just the sort of people who make normal gun owners look bad is nothing short of amazing.

  10. Sad, but true. Fear is definitely a very sharp double-edged sword.

    Also his problem is not your weight, its with your fitness. If you're going to die from congestive heart failure then why do you put so much money to protect your life in a way that has the means to kill another, when you could just enrich yourself?

  11. So... would you give 300 dollars to me for my CCW class and license?

    Or just explain to me, if I want to practice my 2nd Amendment right, why do I need to pay $300 to the government. What next? I must pay if I want want to practice the Freedom of Speech?
    Why do people must re-new their license and re-pay $100+ again, every 5th year?

    Many people do Open Carry, because they don't have $300 in their wallet.

    Or maybe they just think it not ok to pay for self defense.

    If you pay $100 for a cheap revolver, then you must pay 300+ for getting a license. It makes no sense.

    Not to mention it's complicated, and sometimes firearm owners must wait 6-10 months for the license.

    No offense, but I don't agree with you.
    (And no, I'm not fat. Haha!)

  12. Love it, so true.

  13. Thanks for reasoned, intelligient thought. Please do not pay attention to those that miss the main idea here: how we present our case matters. One doesn't necessarily have to like it, but the truth is that we cant sell much with images such as presented above. And we HAVE to sell the idea that we are NOT the ones to be worried about.

  14. Speaking of getting an education, how much research have you done on race and IQ statistics and race and violent crime statistics?