If you frequent any gun/gear/outdoors forums, websites, or even just banter at your local gun shop you likely have heard the name Nutnfancy. If you haven’t, Nutnfancy is a gear reviewer of sorts that makes videos which he posts to YouTube. His name has come up even more recently as some other people that also do gear reviews have called his qualifications into question. Before we look at that I’ll say this: YouTube is a cesspool, probably one of the worst places on the internet. Some may say certain anonymous imageboards are worse, but simply reading a few YouTube comments or watching a “reaction video” (essentially someone filming them self reading their comment) will give you an all new contempt for the human race, as well as lowering your IQ by a few points. That being said I avoid YouTube at all costs and up until last week I hadn’t seen a Nutnfancy video, but with an unusual 2 weeks of rain banishing me indoors I set out to watch this guy and weigh in on the controversy.

A first glance at his account and I see this guy has made nearly 600 videos, and on a huge variety of subjects. The first one that caught my eye was his AK-47 vs AR-15 series, and since I weighed in on it recently I figured it would be interesting to see how his opinion differs. I open the video and it’s 20 minutes, and there are 5 parts, essentially making this a full length feature film. I vowed to give it a chance though so I fought the urge to close it immediately and started watching. “Nutnfancy” is certainly accurate, I expected someone with 600 videos to be using at least a half decent HD flipcam and a copy of Premiere or Finalcut, but this looks closer to something you might see on America’s Funniest Home Videos edited with two betamax decks. I suppose this isn’t nearly as important as the content but if making these videos was my job I would put a little more in the production values. Luckily the camera stays on the tripod most of the time only 10% or so turns into the Blair Witch Project.
As the video rolls on, the first few minutes he starts telling the viewers not to argue in the comments on the page, and talks about why he doesn’t frequent “the forums” anymore (I assume he means Arfcom, THR, and OpChan). How anyone could prefer the YouTube comments page is beyond me, Nutnfancy is starting to look like he is a full blown hysterical Youtuber.

The video continues and luckily he starts talking about the two rifles. I hear a few terms like WROL and Civilian Sheepdog which I note but really made no sense to me for a first time viewer (we’ll look into those in a bit). When he gets to D.I. vs. Piston, the biggest part of the argument really, he says he isn’t going to go into it as it would be boring. In fact at no point in this 105 minute video does he disassemble either rifle or go into any depth on their workings. The next was ballistics, which he explains to you by showing you some ballistics charts he has written with pen and highlighter, displayed beautifully by waving in front of the lens. This was really the only point of the video where he was incorrect. He says if the 5.56 fails to yaw or fragment the energy is not delivered, but you, my intelligent reader, know that no matter what the bullet does inside the body, as long as it doesn’t exit, the same energy is transferred. He also says the 7.62×39 has much more “stopping power” and he prefers it under 200 yards, but once again if the bullet travels through the body the energy is wasted. He really should have focused his research into wounding potential rather than ballistic energy numbers, although as far as accuracy/bullet drop his numbers were good. After this the video kind of rambles around, he goes into 6.8 SPC for about 10 minutes, talks about a few certain models of AKs and ARs (which you get a good look at the outside of), and shows you a lot of the accessories. All in all the information was correct, but it’s few and far between and doesn’t really add anything to the argument.

I figured next I should watch some reviews as this seems to be what he is really focused on, so I picked one gun I was familiar with and one I wasn’t, but was interested in. For the gun I was experienced with I went with his review of the Kimber Pro Carry, and again I am shocked at the length: 30 minutes over 3 parts. His description of the gun is decent and thorough, and you get a pretty good look at the gun. He even shows it next to a standard 1911 for a nice comparison. The problem I have again is he doesn’t take the gun apart, fire it, or do anything but show it on a table and talk about it. This isn’t really much of a review, it’s just listening to general opinions on 1911 vs. Glock, steel vs. polymer, etc. which doesn’t really make sense for a review of a specific model of a specific gun. Chances are you could drive to your local FFL, handle the gun, compare it to other guns, get similar advice, then drive home in around the time it would take you to watch a Nutnfancy video. His information about the gun was accurate though, and it’s certainly possible to learn a few things. For the unfamiliar gun I watched his review of the Heckler and Koch P7, and although it was (thankfully) much shorter, it was essentially the same thing. Reading a Wikipedia article is going to give you a lot more knowledge in a lot shorter time, and he didn’t really use the video format to show you why it makes a nice concealed carry gun or even draw, cock, and dry-fire it which to most people is the big appeal of the P7. He also compares both guns to a Glock (which I assumed he meant a G17 but he didn’t specify) around 50 times in each video. I guess it’s OK if you are a long time Glock owner, but if you aren’t familiar with one it takes away a lot from the review.

Besides gear reviews, a lot of Nutn’s videos seem to be about his various ideas on life and planning for disasters, and the first one I watched was called “Urban Survival Kit.” Seeing as I have been surviving in an urban environment for upwards of two decades, I thought this video may be topical for me. The first of this over 2 hour series begins with 3 minutes of shaking camera and 9/11 footage, then transitions into him talking. It’s getting hard for me to watch at this point but I did pick up a few funny quotes, the first being “I’ve lived a lot of living in my life” (speaking to his expertise in survival) and then refers to a male friend, who he loves, but “in a cool way of course.” After this he recommends that you get a Xootr, which is like a large Razor scooter, for transport after SHTF or WROL (which means Without Rule of Law I believe). He links to another video which is him riding this scooter around, and the second hand embarrassment was much too strong for me to make it more than 30 seconds in. The next few hours of the video are him going through a backpack packed full of survival gear and there was no way I could make it through that, so I skipped to another vid entitled “Serenity Actual.”

This one is another near 3 hour piece consisting of him and his buddies (who all go by their YouTube names) running what I can only describe as an amateur gun-enthusiast carbine course. The guy running it actually seems to know what he is doing, and this video actually has some decent info and amazingly enough is actually entertaining. The first moment that really made my head nearly explode though is when the instructor is talking about shooting stances, and when he gets to the squat he says some people feel we lost the Vietnam war because the VC soldiers were able to shoot in the squat position while the US soldiers weren’t. After that they do some exercises in which nearly everyone fails in basic weapon operation, a guy pulls the trigger and his mag falls out a la Mars Attacks, and one guys tactical vests breaks and he drops a pouch and his sidearm out of it. I didn’t watch it all the way through but overall it was pretty funny and had a couple little pieces of info scattered throughout it.

The next vid I clicked on was called “Sorry Dude, Nice Try but You Still Suck” or something along the lines of that. In this, he essentially says he is the real deal, other “armchair elitists” aren’t out “runnin and gunnin” like he is, and if you don’t make YouTube videos then you have nothing to stand on. This is the kind of stuff that always spirals into a bottomless pit of butthurt, comment attacks, and more horrible vides on YouTube. From what I understand some other YouTuber from New Zealand found Nutnfancy’s actual info (real name, address, etc.) and not only released the info but claimed Nutnfancy was not quite who he implied he was, and his military and police experience was actually the Utah National Air Guard and some kind of neighborhood watch. What does this mean to a normal person? Nothing, any smart person wouldn’t be giving credit to someone who makes YouTube videos in the first place, as anyone who is actually experienced or involved with modern combat or any tactical environment IS NOT MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS.

As painful as I knew it may be, the last video I watched was “The Sheepdog Concept.” He says the term “Civilian Sheepdog” many times in all his videos, so I had to watch this one to find out what he meant. At this point, it really goes from poorly made rambling reviews to outright lunacy. Knowing that people actually take what he says seriously, seeing his and their mindset explained is actually frightening. What Nutnfancy calls a civilian sheepdog is what a reader of this blog will identify as a sufferer of severe Red Dawn Complex. As the video progresses, he tells some different stories of “Local Here Saves the Day,” and it ends up being essentially the manifesto of the small person waiting for his chance to do something big. He goes on to explain a sheepdog takes control when he sees danger, suffering, or “bad people” while a sheep will freeze and not know what to do because they haven’t trained for this moment. He makes some examples including jumping in the water to avert a shark attack, risking hypothermia and death to pull people out of a freezing river, and then describes the plot of Black Hawk Down whilst tearing up. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, he begins talking about flight 93, and I will quote directly “When people hear that, you know the sheep will say ‘I’m glad I wasn’t on that plane, gosh I’m so glad.’ What does a sheepdog say? He says I wish I WAS on that plane, so that I could have saved lives, so that I could have put an end to the suffering that was that day. Awww sheepdogs, I love you guys.” This just elevates it to the frightening level, knowing that there are people watching these videos hanging on this guys every word, and dreaming of that day they will become a hero. These are the last people I would ever want to be concealed carrying (as Nutn goes on to advocate over and over) and are more likely to kill an innocent, hurt others or themselves, or generally escalate any situation they are involved in.

Overall, Nutnfancy was much worse than I could have imagined before watching any of his videos. The only thing that is in any way watchable are his reviews and to some extent the carbine course videos, the reason being if you are doing something else and casually listen to it in the background, you will still hear what he has to say because he is likely to say it about 60 times over the course of 3 hours. His survival/WROL/Sheepdog videos are just downright dangerous, as they are likely to reach a demographic with the combination of low intelligence, poor social skills, mental disorders (especially RDC), and guns, which makes for a horrible combination. The controversy of his background is a null point, he consistently proves his ineptitude to the point there really is no question, and again, people qualified to give combat/tactical training aren’t making videos of them self on YouTube. I won’t tell you to not watch his videos, just make sure to not take them seriously, and also consider what else you could be doing in those 1000’s of hours it takes to watch them. And finally Nutnfancy if you read this, anyone could make a YouTube video. I don’t see you out here in the field running and gunning while making written blogs. Nice try anyways dude.

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