Friday, February 28, 2014

Grab SKS, Go Inna Woods T Shirt

The end is near. Gun confiscations. FEMA death camps. Chinese invasion. Credit debt. Alimony payments. It's happening. When? Soon. The problems are many, the solution is singular - grab your SKS, go inna woods. White Ts for now, color soon, pick them up here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Get Them While You Can

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How To: Mod a Kriss Magazine Extension for Glock 20 (Video)

Pretty simple project, and a fun way to blow through expensive 10mm ammo even faster. I got the original instructions from this post. Though that guy says he fit 33 rounds, the most I can manage with the Glock factory speed loader is 32, though there seems to be room left in the mag. I think cutting down the spring could fit a few extra rounds but I don't want to risk any potential feeding issues.

Friday, March 30, 2012

AR-15 Lessons Learned, Part 2

This will not only be the follow up to my first article, but also an explanation of my most recent build. The focus here will be on the parts that do matter. If you took anything from the first part I hope that it's to not sweat decisions that will have little impact on the effectiveness/enjoyment of the rifle and focus more on the few important decisions you can make. Remember, the more difficult a decision is for you the more similar the outcomes will be - if there was an appreciable difference the decision would be easy. If you have been stuck on 16" Recce vs 18" SPR or Troy vs DD fixed irons it's because that decision really won't affect your shooting experience in the end.

I'll start from the top down- The most important part of any build is the barrel. The purpose of a rifle is to deliver your round down range and the barrel will be the main determining factor as to how accurately and how fast it will get there. I went with Noveske solely for their reputation as a great barrel manufacturer. Lilja, Krieger, Hart, and other custom manufacturers also make stainless barrels with legendary reputations but they were a bit more expensive, and I felt past Noveske I would be entering the realm of diminishing returns on accuracy/$ ratio. I went stainless for another simple reason, I wanted as accurate a build as possible. People may be apprehensive about stainless barrels as they have a reputation for lives of around 6k-10k rounds, but the cost of 10k rounds (shooting high quality ammo upwards of $5,000) a $300-500 barrel can be looked at as a consumable, which isn't hard to change. Even if the accuracy does drop off after 6k-10k rounds you will still have something that can shoot as accurately or moreso than the average chrome lined barrel. And lastly, I went with a 14.5" to save weight, get a slight increase in accuracy from the added rigidity over a longer barrel, and I just like the way 14.5's point. Since I have a mill and a welder permanently attaching or removing muzzle devices isn't much if an inconvenience, if it was I would have gone with a 16"

Next piece is the stripped upper receiver. There really isn't many options here, the most important part is to buy from a reputable manufacturer (whose upper was likely forged by one a few companies, Cerro, Cardinal, etc.). The main thing you get from a quality manufacturers name behind an upper is quality control. I decided to do something a little different for mine and went with the VLTOR upper. The main reason is I wanted it is the lack of a forward assist, which I see as a tribute to military brass incompetency, and unnecessary. There are a few uppers with no F/A, I thought the VLTOR looked the best, and had some added thickness which could conceivably increase accuracy. You can't really go wrong with your upper unless you specifically seek out a bad one, just buy a brand name and make sure it has the correct feedramps for your barrel.

Next up is the bolt carrier group. Like the barrel this makes a huge difference in function and is the main determiner of mechanical reliability, and like the stripped upper any quality manufacturers offering will do. I have a standard LMT bolt carrier in my upper for now. I may experiment with an "improved" (read: fancier and more expensive) bolt carrier after I shoot with this standard one for a bit to see if there's a noticeable difference, but this one will be used for a while. Don't cheap out and you will have no problems, a quality BCG can be had for $130 or so, this is something you don't want to save $20 on to have your gas key come out of alignment during your range trip.

Now you need something to hold on to. This decision has the most options, you can do a standard handguard with FSB/delta ring in the back, drop in rails, drop in free float rails, or a free float rail/tube along with low pro gas block. Huge quad rails were the thing to do for a while, but as evidenced at SHOT this year, the industry is moving away from giant quadrail anchors destined for empty rail space and even more weight via rail covers and towards lightweight tubes with removable rail segments. I explained why I like the tube style in my review of the first gen SS, but just glancing at the two setups it should be obvious, a tube allows you to do anything a quad can do and more but is much lighter, comfortable to hold, and gives you more options as far as mounting accessories at 45 degree angles. I went with the Gen 2 for a few reasons, I really liked the Gen 1 Midwest tube, and the new one has a few improvements, going from an aluminum to a steel barrel nut, decreasing the diameter (the small diameter feels great), and still being the lightest offering on the market. I'll put out a full review after getting more range time with it. Like everything else, go with a quality manufacturer. The length and diameter is personal preference. Try them out on friends rifles and find out what you like. 

That's it for the upper, I'm putting the muzzle and aiming devices along with the accessories segment, and I'll do the lower next, probably along with some video. Have fun with your Legos in the meantime.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Plastidip PMAG, Stock, and Grip

Saw a post on m4carbine about plastidipping PMAGs, seemed interesting, so went ahead and did one. I liked the feel of it so much I sprayed my stock and grip as well. It's a nice rubbery feel, seems quite durable, and can be peeled off without damaging the finish beneath it. Sprays easily from a rattle can just like normal spraypaint. I predict this now - this will overcome stippling as the new AR/polymer pistol addiction. Less permanent and more effective.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Build an AR-15 - Upper Receiver (Video)

First in the series of how-to vids for each step of the AR-15 building process, not exactly in order, following this will be how to pin and weld a muzzle device, followed by lower assembly, and machining an 80% lower a bit down the road. Here are some pics of my new upper, I'll explain how I chose the parts in an upcoming post,  here are the specs as it sits-

Noveske Afghan 14.5" Stainless Barrel
VLTOR MUR upper with shell deflector (no forward assist)
Midwest Industries SS Gen 2 free float rail
LMT Bolt Carrier (this may change)
Rainier XTC Compensator/Flash Hider
KAC 300m rear sight
Troy fixed front battlesight (HK style)

You may also notice I switched from a CTR to the Sully stock. Reviews for a lot of this in the works, some video, some written, need to get some trigger time though before passing judgment.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

KKM Match Barrel Review (Video)

I picked up a KKM 10mm to .40 conversion barrel a few months back to save a little money and give me an extra caliber option (which there are many for the G20, .22lr, .40, 9x25 Dillon, .40 Super, list goes on, another great reason to get a G20). There are a lot of Glock barrel manufacturers (Lone Wolf, Bar-Sto, Storm Lake are some of the more popular options), all with good reputations, but in my research the name KKM kept coming up for best of the bunch so I decided to spend a bit extra and go with them.

The first ammo I put through it was Fiocchi 165gr and I was immediately concerned. The slide was moving very slowly, and sometimes wouldn't seat the following round completely. I was worried it was a problem with the barrel but it turned out the stock spring is just too stiff for the Fiocchi ammo. I tried a mag of Winchester White Box and another of UMC and both cycled fine. During the filming of the video I shot several hundred rounds of both PMC and Sellier and Bellot and it cycled 100%.

The accuracy is great- with any of the ammo I've used I can keep the groups under 5" at 25 yards quite easily. I haven't shot it out of a vice or off bags (just forearms resting on the bench) but it is probably capable of a bit more accuracy than that. Accuracy great, function perfect, what else could you want? Oh... it's shiny